Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A day out with the Dolphins.

We booked on one of them boat trips that claim to take you to see the dolphins, but they can't guarantee that you see anything.
The first photo shows us going out on this one hour their and back boat trip.
After being out for an hour and listening to the boat owner tell us he had a feeling they were out here somewhere, as the second photo shows he found them.
We where with them for about half an hour and then to our and his amazement up came a blue whale with a young as photo four shows. It did not stay around long and i only got two photos of then. We where out for about two and a half hours, best value boat trip we have had.

Our Dino.

Bev and me showing off our grandchild Reece present we brought him back.

Pueto rico harbour

Bev by the harbour in pueto rico

Pueto de mogan

Me in the next town from pueto rico, Pueto de mogan was a much quieter place this was more our style.

Hotel Cala dor, Purto rico.

Here stayed at the Cala dor hotel in pueto rico on Gran Canaria, the hotel and the resort were very nice but we found the town to lively and loud for us.

The green lake.

Bev and me at the green lake no its not pollution it an alga.

Without the Calima.

This is the same view as the previous photo but without the sand.

With the calima.

This photo shows what the local people call the Calima,it is sand blown on the prevailing wind from the Sahara desert.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Hot volcano.

This image shows how hot the earth is just below the surface as the volcano's still cooling down.

Moon scape

Looks like something you would see on the moon.

Fire mountain

This is a view of part of Timanfaya national park or Fire Mountain.

LANZAROTE JANUARY 2004. Guaradeque Apartments

First time to Lanzarote,we stayed at the guaradeque apartments in Puerto del Carmen.

The Phoenix beach hotel

Mirtos Beach Kefalonia.

Bev and me overlooking Mirtos beach on a day trip from Zante to Kefalonia.

Smugglers cove

This is Smugglers cove with the shipwreck, the only way onto the beach is by boat.The sand is very deceptive its made up of very small white stones and when you stand on it you sink up to your knees.

Smugglers cove bay.

A view of Smugglers cove where the famous shipwreck is on the beach.

Out for a meal.

Bev and Me in one of the restaurants in Tsivili village centre.

Pool bar

The Pool Bar at the Phoenix Beach.

By the pool.

Clive, Me, Bev and Tracy at there apartments by the pool.

Me and clive at there apartments.

TSIVILI ZANTE OCTOBER 2003. Having a dip.

This is a view of our hotel, The Phoenix Beach, you will not get any closer than this to a beach.

This is me and my buddy Clive we had the first week of our two week holiday with Bev's sister Tracy and Clive they were staying in Laganas just around the bay.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Main square Palma.

Me and Bev having a sangria in the square in palma.

The Magnificent Palma Cathedral

The magnificent Palma Cathedral,

View from Dunas hotel.

View from our hotel balcony, note the cloud on the mountains.


Yours truly outside our hotel, fine hotel but everything was German orientated. We found Cala Millor was full of Germans but Cala Bona a 5 minuete walk down the front was full of English, at least we talk to each other.

MAJORCA EASTER 2003. Beer time

We where staying at the hotel Dunas in Calla Millor.
Me and Bev having a beer on the front in Cala Bona


Welcome to my blogger,this is me and my wife Bev.

The first part of my blog is going to be about our holidays abroad,I hope you find it as good as our holidays have been.

We started going abroad after getting fed up with the British weather and I got fed up with driving, we went to Devon and Cornwall for years don't get me wrong that part of the country is fantastic the beaches and the views are out of this world, but when it rains it becomes the same as being at home and you don't want that when you have saved and looked forward to your week or two weeks holidays.

Our first holiday was to Majorca, it was fantastic, we had been bit by the bug the rest is history.